UACatsDivision launches the first Ukrainian NFT collection to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Starting February 22, 2023, the Ukrainian project UACatsDivision will launch the first national NFT collection. It will include 10,000 images of the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers in the form of cats. The furry heroes will symbolize the invincibility of the Ukrainian people in the face of the enemy.

Anyone can buy a furry hero that will be stored in a digital wallet. It can be collected, resold or given as a gift. The Armed Forces cat in NFT format can also be a social media avatar.

The project team offers images of seals fighting in the terrorist defense, medics, and other heroes. In this way, they hope to encourage newcomers who are just looking at NFT technology to make their first purchase.

The creators of the project are guided not by a desire to make history but by a charitable initiative. The goal of the collection is to raise UAH 40 million to buy 4 marine drones. The equipment is needed to monitor the seas and defeat the enemy.

Ukraine is currently creating its first army of marine drones. According to Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation, such technological developments will protect peaceful cities and sea areas from Russian missiles.

The collection was created jointly with the online cryptocurrency media Incrypted and the UNITED24 project.

For reference:
NFT is a non-fungible token in the cryptocurrency world. Unlike fungible tokens, it cannot be split or exchanged for another cryptocurrency without losing value. It is used as a digital certificate for digital works of art.

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