10 Important Implements To Have In 2022

Every experienced tutor has used several digital tools each year and tried to gauge the level of satisfaction and usefulness that they have gained from them. The output of tutors’ online classes, by a huge percentage, depends on the types of skills they have acquired over time and the tools they frequently use to maximize service delivery. Tutors also try to evaluate how much they benefit their students. Tools that receive positive responses from students remain in the toolkit for a long time, since their utility is way overboard. The best tools provide students with a wide variety of options to choose from and improve their learning capabilities.

Below are some of the best tools tutors might come across: 

1. Buncee

Over time, this tool has been useful in the development of audiovisual and overly interactive sessions. Following the recent updates, it has gotten even better with the introduction of augmented reality. There’s an Ideas tab that gives newbies a brief introduction to the platform and allows prospective instructors to explore uncountable lesson ideas and how to implement them. Flipgrid and Buncee have similar wonderful capabilities that allow students and teachers to schedule lessons and include additional information relating to the given class. Within Buncee, there is a great feature called Immersive Reader that improves students’ access to relevant content and enables seamless sharing of materials internationally

2. CoSpaces EDU

This tool has made teachers in the technical fields access easier ways to embrace new technology and engage students by providing virtual reality spaces thus helping maneuver around difficult challenges arising during lessons. With this tool, students can develop games, create rooms for fun activities and boost their programming skills. CoSpaces EDU also has a feature called MergeEDU where instructors can creatively employ cubes to actively involve students in learning about their immediate environment and gain useful experience.

3. Edpuzzle

This tool allows students to constantly interact with the information at hand by working on quizzes and texts added to video lessons. This allows students time to process the information. Teachers are also able to track students’ progress and provide valuable feedback.

4. Flipgrid

This tool provides a wide array of essential interactive features including screen recorders and the ability to record videos and add relevant information like Nearpod lectures and articles from Wonderopolis etc. It has options for selecting various backgrounds and allows for up to 10-minute recording sessions. Flipgrid is crucial in promoting the development of SEL skills in students through constant interaction and engagement of students globally.

5. Gimkit

Gimkit’s uniqueness is displayed by its ability to enhance reservation of information via the application of repetitive questions and the availability of numerous options for playing within the classroom. It is a popular tool among students for the same reason. It also boosts SEL skills in students as they actively participate in fun activities while learning. Recently, Gimkit has enabled several means of accessing students’ data and utilizing already made kits.

6. GoFormative

This so far has been the best tool for assessing students. It helps create online developmental tests that are availed to students afterward. These features help teachers develop assessments according to their requirements and they can be used in classrooms. Instructors open assessment rooms that are accessible to students via codes. As the students proceed with the test, teachers can see their progress in real-time. It also has a feature that enables scrambling of questions and the addition of any relevant information.

7. Nearpod

This tool provides a platform for developing interactive lessons, presentation features, audiovisual capabilities and sharing of materials like virtual conversations and 3-dimensional projects. It also has an overwhelmingly large amount of already fabricated lessons on emerging issues and topics including SEL skills and expert advancement avenues for teachers. Lessons can have drawings, audio, videos and questions across many fields of study. Nearpod lessons can be conducted in a normal class setup or personally with the teacher. It proves helpful in conducting online and blended learning as students get options of exploring different destinations and learning concurrently.

8. Synth

Of all the available digital tools, Synth stands out as one of the few that gives the user an option of recording a podcast and improving students’ expertise in communication. It allows the teacher to extend time available for classroom discussions thus promoting interpersonal relationships and teamwork. It also goes a long way in promoting international relations by connecting students from different countries via constructive discussions. It has an option to record audios and videos, besides enabling the students to provide feedback on the quality of learning experiences and assessments. All in all, it boosts students’ confidence in handling different challenges and embracing new opportunities.

9. Wakelet

Many instructors and content creators use Wakelet to organise audios, videos and online resources. It provides opportunities for teachers to coordinate hybrid learning, task students with developing digital spaces, fabricate new capabilities and much more. Wakelet can be integrated with Flipgrid or Buncee for purposes of recording short videos and promoting student engagement during learning sessions.

10. Zigazoo

This popular tool is used to add fun to learning processes by allowing students to record and share short videos promptly. Getting started requires little effort and you can come up with your channel and allocate it to a class. A video can go for a maximum of 30 seconds and its app opens a world of new experiences and opportunities to be exploited by students and teachers.

Most of the above tools have shown potential in revolutionizing the learning experiences of students and promoting engagement and communication skills among them.

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