TOP 7 Best Online Artificial Intelligence Courses to Learn in 2022

Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enthralling, however, one has to select the most appropriate courses. Most often, there are countless onlinёe courses offering AI, however, these courses may end up boring or too technical for beginners and even for proficient programmers. In learning AI, the best way to learn is to be inspired and passionate about it. Thus, herein, I’ve focused on the top 7 of The best online courses offering AI, that is not only simple but also pose a mix of theory and practice. They will not only teach you AI but also will inspire you to learn it.

1. AI for EveryOne by Andrew Ng (Coursera)

This course provides a wholesome comprehensive overview of AI. It provides a non-technical perspective of AI, however, it’s still applicable in learning useful business aspects of AI. It’s useful to anyone who aspires to build an AI strategy for a company or aspires to work with an AI team and most essentially, it’ll build your AI vocabulary.

The interesting part of this course is the course instructor, Andrew NG. Andrew NG is among the founders of Coursera, Lead of Google Brain, Chief Scientist of Baidu, his name can’t be dissociated from AI. Globally, he remains the most popular instructor of AI, with Over 2.6 million students enrolled in his Course(AI for Everyone). His Classic Machine learning courses have inspired millions of developers about AI and Machine learning.

Personally, when Andrew Ng announced this course via Twitter, I knew this was a course I had to enroll in, despite having attended numerous courses on AI. This course ended up as inspiring and insightful. It is fully online and offered by Coursera. Coursera remains reliable and has been created by reputable companies like Amazon, Google, and IBM, in collaboration with leading global universities. Personally, I’d advocate for Coursera plus, which has an annual subscription plan of around $399 that garners you access to unlimited access and certifications from Coursera courses.

2. Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI (Udemy)

This course has an average rating of 4.4 from over 11452 ratings, having enrolled over 101411 students. It trains you to combine Machine learning, with deep learning as well as Data Science, to model powerful AIs applicable for real-world scenarios, such as the use of AIs in passing a level in Doom, beating the Breakout game, or creating ratiocination for self-driving cars.

This course marked the beginning of my AI journey. Instructed by Kirill Eremenko, the course was engaging, which was my priority at the time, considering the subject’s intricacy. However, it’s lobbied by demanding the use of mathematics and neural networks, which was contrary to the inspiring course that I expected.

3. The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity.

This is the course for you if you’re a game designer or developer. Unity remains one of the most popular game engines for using AI in game production, such as raising difficulty levels in games based on the player’s skill level. If your non-player characters lack passion and ambition, this course teaches you how to make them more believable and authentic.

Penny, the course’s instructor, has published award-winning books on games AI, she employs her internationally acclaimed teaching style and experience from over 25 years with games graphics, to explain common AI techniques used for developing realistic character behavior. You’ll participate in hands-on workshops throughout the course to train you in the essential AI approaches utilized in today’s games. It is recommended to anyone interested in game development. Udemy offers this course as an online course.

4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coursera

This course helps you discover what AI is, its usage as well as its applicability. It will also expose you to emerging issues and concerns relating to AI such as ethics and bias, as well as AI concepts and terms such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. This course requires no prior programming or computer science knowledge, and most importantly, a certificate of completion will be awarded, after the successful completion of a mini-project, where you will showcase, AI in action. 

5. Artificial Intelligence for Business

This is an exceptional course by Kirill Eremenko on how to solve real-world business problems using AI. With an average rating of 4.3 and over 14,000 students, It suits anyone interested in AI applicability in the business arena. AI and Machine Learning are simplified without being overly technical. It is strongly recommended for business experts who want to expand their skill set via AI.

6. Advanced AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python

It’s a Python-based advanced AI course that focuses on deep reinforcement learning.

Developed by Lazy Programmer and colleagues, it concentrates on the usage of deep learning and neural networks in reinforcement learning. You’ll be exposed to  OpenAI Gym, heavily used for practice and demonstration throughout the course. It’s applicable to anyone who wishes to train their reinforcement learning agents in a controlled environment.

7. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python

Reinforcement Learning is a vital part of AI, this course provides a complete guide to Deep Reinforcement Learning. Reinforcement learning has recently gained a reputation for doing incredible feats in AI, such as when Google’s AlphaGo defeated the world champion in Go in 2016. Much of its theory, similar to deep learning, was found in the 1970s – 1980s, but it wasn’t until later that we are able to see firsthand attainable and incredible results. This course, helps you understand Reinforcement learning on a technical level as well as exposes you to the relationship between reinforcement learning and psychology.

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