3 Popular eLearning Platforms That Can Teach Fiscal Responsibility

All of us are interested in earning extra money to make ends meet and to fulfill our whims and fancies. To earn something extra we need to add a few extra skills to our portfolios and this is only possible when we take interest in gaining extra knowledge to become financially independent. eLearning is a platform that offers users to invest and earn more without any effort. All you need is knowledge about eLearning.

Have you ever wondered apart from your hectic job and measly sum in the name of salary, how can you earn extra without making your life more frantic?

Do you want to earn a few extra dollars but have no knowledge or skill about how to do it?

When you are tempted to earn online,  you must search such platforms and most likely encounter a few of the eLearning platforms that claim to teach you about a wide range of uncommon skills.

LINKEDIN LEARNING(previously known as Lynda)



These platforms spend a huge sum on their promotions and you must have seen their advertisements and sponsorships on youtube channels offering their services to you.

Among their offerings is a wide range of skills and courses which helps their customers to gain more knowledge about advanced topics. Especially for those who are interested in learning finance and economic growth and investments, these platforms serve the best results.

But at the end of the day you have to choose only one skill or platform, so which one do you think is right for you?

Let’s go through the pros of each platform and what they are offering to their customers.

Here is a look at these platforms in terms of the basics of budgeting, marketing and entrepreneurship.


Linkedin learning offers you the education and skill about finance and personal financing.

They charge approximately 29.99$ annually. They offer video tutorials teaching a number of courses and skills. Topics include:

  1. How to build your finances
  2. How to prepare yourself for a major downfall
  3. How to assess your financial wellness
  4. How to manage the major live events such as getting married or having a baby
  5. Paying taxes
  6. Preparing yourself for retirement

In terms of the basics of budgeting, today’s generation needs special guidance on how to become self-independent, how to start their own business and how to manage life and money. These things are never taught in schools and colleges. Linkedin offers you their services in guiding you on such topics and preparing you for the life ahead.

Linkedin also provides videos based on the real-life experiences of financiers and business personalities which motivates youngsters to be passionate about their careers.

If you are worried that after subscribing to the course you may not be able to learn what you are looking for, then Linkedin also offers you a one-month free trial course which helps you to go through each and every course for free one month.

In terms of entrepreneurship, local ideas and startups need guidance and help on how and where to invest, is the market high or low right now, legal proceedings and requirements, and much more. In such cases, Linkedin helps you by offering helpful videos and tutorials to run short business, managing projects, marketing, branding, and promoting on social media, customer service and much more. Linkedin is excellent for guiding new startups and businesses. They understand your perspective and passion and offer you their best to make you successful.

Linkedin in terms of marketing covers the basics of investments and marketing keeps in touch with the stock market. You have much more to explore on Linkedin which will surely be helpful for your career.

  • SKILLSHARE: Skillshare roughly charges 99$ annually and offers helpful courses for people interested in personal finance.

In terms of the basics of budgeting, skillshare has many courses related to the topic and they offer it through their minute to hour-long videos. Their courses include statements, bookkeeping basics, cash flow management, and tax runs. Their videos are in detail so you can understand each and every point clearly. Their high-quality courses are very useful and give the best guidance to new financiers.

Skillshare provides the best guidance for entrepreneurs who are interested in learning the basics of starting a new business. The difficulty entrepreneurs usually face is while handling management and then marketing their brand. Skillshare provides detailed videos. One must take out some time and check out their videos to learn more about management, marketing, finances, and entrepreneurship.

Skill sharing also helps you to focus on marketing and investments,  the experienced guide helps you to understand much about investments, covering real-life tutorials and examples.

One should give a chance to a skillshare platform if they want to invest in their career for a long period of time.


Khan academy is a widely known platform serving people with their courses and tutorials. They offer a wide range of courses on a number of topics, especially in math and economics, and also their applications in personal finance. In fact, users can find the basics of budgeting videos including buying, selling, and mortgage of homes,  personal taxes, money and banking, current economics, and how to overcome financial crises.

The most interesting thing is that it is absolutely free to us. You don’t have to pay any charges to use their services which makes this platform more popular. 

Khan Academy also offers its services to entrepreneurs who just started their own business and need guidance and help. Tutorials on business management are available on their site including information about basic economic concepts, the business demand and growth, and international trade. They have detailed lectures covering these topics.

Khan academy offers you to become a smart investor by providing you guidelines about marketing and investment. They clear the concepts through their videos and build a base of learners. Unfortunately, they don’t offer you beyond building your base but one must seek guidance from them and learn from them and afterward for more guidance and help they can move towards other platforms.

CONCLUSION: Online eLearning platforms are a must for those learners who are passionate about their career and about their business growth and the above-mentioned platforms offer you the best service in terms of finance, marketing, and investments.

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