Top Trends And Training Techniques That Need To Make A Comeback In 2022

The training industry is always evolving. New techniques and trends come out every year and replace the old ones. However, not all of these techniques and trends are successful. Some of them end up being a flop. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top training techniques and trends that should make a comeback in 2022! Keep reading to learn more about them!

Top 6 Training Techniques And Trends That Are Recurring

It’s no secret that the face of corporate training is changing. New technologies and trends emerge every day, and it can be hard to keep up. However, it’s important to stay on top of the latest training techniques and trends to create an effective and engaging learning experience for your employees. Here are six returning training techniques and trends that should gloriously return in 2022 and you should be aware of:

Keep These Glorious Trends In Mind For 2022

1. Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships will continue to grow in popularity. In 2022, more businesses will start offering apprenticeship programs as a way to train new employees. As technology advances, you can learn about your industry in different ways. One thing people were able to do for ages was learning by doing. Today, however, you can utilize modern learning technologies like video conferencing and PM platforms to help apprentice one another.

Mentors can host live sessions – they can give instant feedback on how the project operates, follow up with mentees on contracts that outline specific objectives so that both parties are accountable, demo presentations, and much more. It all occurs away from customers so that new hires don’t have to worry about denting their satisfaction score right off the bat.

2. ILT Training

ILT is on the rise! In a world where LMSs have become king, there’s still room for old-fashioned instructor training. In a world where people learn mostly from online courses, instructors still have a place to lead training sessions. However, instructors should use technology to enhance their teaching and ensure that there are no drawbacks- with one important exception.

For example, businesses will use virtual reality simulations to give employees a realistic experience working in the industry. Instead of simply providing training material, provide interactive micro-learning sessions that ease the burden on employees and give them access to LMS analytics so they can improve their curriculum.

3. On-The-Job Training

On-the-job training has its drawbacks. Employees are pushed into the deep end without preparation. Now imagine doing the same thing without stressing out your trainees. With branching scenarios and simulations, employees may discover and overcome challenging circumstances. They may gather input and find areas for improvement in a risk-free environment. They stimulate emotions and difficulties to boost employee confidence. So they’re ready to take complaints from customers and sell things when they arrive.

4. Safety Videos

To begin, please understand that I am not endorsing overly dramatic safety videos using hackneyed characters and corny music. These are outdated in today’s online learning environment. Aside from that, safety demo movies that depict genuine circumstances and provide step-by-step instructions are essential. Reenacting dangerous procedures can be done using animated video software. Alternatively, you might have your staff play out the situation for authenticity. Make way for risk-averse demos instead of Oscar-worthy ones.

5. Mistake-Driven Learning

Mistakes are part of life. Mistake-driven learning has never gone away, but it has been marginalized. Because organizations are terrified of the consequences. That employee’s training faults will permeate into the workplace. But the goal is to foster risk-taking in a supportive atmosphere, not on the job. Because they’ve seen it all before, trainees know it works and what doesn’t. Other training methods include practical examples, do/don’t films, and tales.

6. Compliance Workshops

Long presentations, written examinations, and yawns were the norm in compliance training. Online compliance workshops are now freely accessible and engaging. Not to mention saving money on site rents and travel expenses. Host a one-day class covering the basics or breaking it down into sub-topics. Some companies even offer intense training boot camps. Social media and a collaborative LMS enable everything. Don’t forget to add micro-learning resources to reinforce knowledge and provide remote help.

Secret Key Strategies

Being on top of trends is essential for businesses and individuals alike. In today’s fast-paced world, what is popular today could be old news tomorrow. Staying ahead of the curve allows you to stay relevant and successful. But how can you stay on top of trends? There are a few key strategies:

  • Evaluate and use your assets to improve your online training program
  • Stay ahead of industry trends and learn about the latest innovations
  • Gain access to expert advice and thought leadership in the field
  • Engage with other professionals in social media groups and at events

Concluding Thoughts

Even with the advent of new and innovative online training tools, some classic methods still have a place in corporate learning. Although the tried-and-true online training methods still work, they may need some modernization to keep employees engaged. New technologies can give instructors continual support, and mistake-driven learning can encourage employees to take calculated risks. What is your organization doing to create a culture of continuous learning? Are you currently using any of these methods in your organization? Let us know how it’s going in the comments!

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