A Helping Hand for Ukrainian Businesses: Spend with Ukraine

In a time of war, Ukrainian businesses need all the support they can get. That’s why an initiative group has launched Spend With Ukraine a website that features a catalog of Ukrainian companies, startups, and brands operating in Western markets. With categories including gadgets, education, creativity, lifestyle, fashion, home, and services, Spend with Ukraine is the perfect platform for supporting Ukrainian businesses and helping the economy.

SpendWithUkraine is initiative recently launched by the team at Petcube to support Ukrainian-made products and services in wartime. In an email to TechStartups, Sofia Chervynska from PetCube describes the initiative as follows:

“Ukraine is home to many great products. Sprouting entrepreneurship, strong engineering culture, and authentic design feel push our businesses onward to the global scene. The war Russia waged on peaceful people can’t take away from our ambition to create and drive positive change. Product teams in Ukraine keep working while being shelled, displaced, and pressured.”

O0 Design rounded up a shortlist of Ukrainian companies that sell globally. From tech unicorns to artisan brands, they produce value and back the economy. Getting their products and services directly supports Ukraine and nears our victory over darkness.

So, Spend With Ukraine To Stand With Ukraine by visiting SpendWithUkraine.com.

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