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Learning English couldn’t be more fun in our current times. With a device that can access the internet and good computer literacy, it is as easy as ABC. However, most people have failed to learn English and speak the right way due to negligence in understanding the strategies as well as the accents involved with the native speakers. The following well-researched sites offer a good rap ore to understand the four convectional points to learn English. These are reading, writing, speaking as well as listening. These sites include;

  1. Learn English with the BBC

The BBC is a name that I believe is familiar to the majority of people throughout the world ( British Broadcasting Corporation). It’s a great resource for advanced students who wish to study intermediate and advanced English. They provide a variety of programs for students to get valuable insight and swiftly enhance their English abilities.

You may quickly surf their website to uncover the most effective techniques to enhance your English. On their website, they provide a variety of courses and tools.

Courses & Highlights

  1. BBC Learning English offers a variety of courses and features for all levels of English learners (lower, intermediate, and advanced). We may discover a variety of sub-categories in this section of the course, including:

Gameshow on grammar


A summary of recent events

Push Yourself to the Limit

The English you need

Upper Immediate level

Immediate level

Lower immediate level

  1. Learning English with the British Council

The British Council is a non-profit organization that For all students attempting to learn English, English learning is the ideal combo. It is a big English study portal. They make their website for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This website can help you enhance your English abilities rapidly.

Features And Courses

They also have several courses and features on their website. You’ll also discover a variety of audio and video options for various levels. The following are the website’s categories:

Courses \Skills



 Business English

 General English 


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and other resources are available.

  1. VOA English Language Instruction

The Voice of America (VOA) is a news and media organization. They are, however, available online and provide English classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students.VOA English learning may be a useful resource for all students, and they provide a lot of stuff related to English learning. You will also receive several films that will assist you in swiftly improving your English abilities.

It’s an excellent spot for you to begin your English study. They’ve written and produced content for radio and television shows. You may easily download and listen to their program offline, and I believe you will be pleased with the results.


One of the top English learning websites is This website can help you fast enhance your English abilities. This website may be viewed as a large learning platform for English. They take several methods to help you improve your English.

Features And Courses

They use many categories to adorn their site. You must adhere to them precisely. However, if you grasp the teachings well, you will achieve an excellent outcome. The following are the lessons available on this website:

The Fundamentals of English Speaking

Listening Practice in English

English Lessons regularly

Grammar Fundamentals in English

Idioms & Phrases in Business English Lessons

  1. Tofluency

Tofluency is another useful website for learning English. This website can help you enhance your basic and advanced English abilities, and they provide a lot of courses and videos to help you grow all of your English skills rapidly.

If you follow the courses correctly, you will continually improve your speaking and listening abilities. So don’t squander your time. Begin following these lessons right away. I believe it will be quite beneficial to you.

  1. FluentU

It is one of the most beneficial websites for adult learners. They offer a lot of features for you, and you must grasp them to use them. They have released many sorts of films to help people learn English rapidly.

  1. Cambridge English Language Assessment

This website can help you study English with confidence. Because you may engage with them in their sessions, it will be an excellent way for you to learn English rapidly. Furthermore, you have the option of participating in several types of tests. You may follow them without hesitation, and I believe it will be a good fit for you. Simply browse down the webpage and choose a topic that interests you.

  1. EnglishClass101.Com

This website is ideal for English language learners. This website may be our go-to resource for learning English fast and accurately. They’re also available on YouTube, which is great news.

Their English courses are available on their YouTube account. As a result, don’t spend your time. Make an effort to attend their classes regularly. It will assist you in learning English quickly and simply.

  1. Finders in English

Are you managing to keep up with English grammar and linguistics? The finest place to study English grammar and linguistics is English Finders. Many students from all over the world are unable to improve their English abilities due to a shortage of qualified instructors or tutors.

  1. Duolingo

Do you have a poor command of the English language and grammar? Then Duolingo will be an excellent tool for improving your vocabulary, grammar, and other abilities. They provide numerous categories to help you easily select classes that are right for you.

They also offer a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store. They do, however, provide you with several lessons, and you must use your knowledge to improve your English skill.

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