Enhancing Elementary Literacy: 5 EdTech Resources for Student Engagement

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technology continues to play a pivotal role in shaping engaging and effective learning experiences. For elementary school educators, fostering a love for reading and improving literacy skills is a top priority. Here, we highlight five exceptional EdTech resources that support student discussion and contribute to enhancing literacy in elementary classrooms.

1. Epic:

  • Description: Epic stands out as a comprehensive digital library of online books catering to a wide range of reading levels. From audiobooks for beginners to chapter books for more advanced readers, Epic offers diverse content.
  • Features:
    • Create quizzes for assigned books.
    • Assign collections to students.
    • Access to around 20,000 books for free (additional books with a school account).
  • Benefits: Enables research and learning on various topics, fostering a passion for reading and exploration.

2. Vooks:

  • Description: Vooks is an animated story platform designed for PK-2 grade teachers, providing visually engaging stories read aloud to students.
  • Features:
    • Animated stories with read-aloud functionality.
    • Lessons supporting animated stories, including discussion points and themes.
  • Benefits: Enhances storytelling experiences and comprehension through animated narratives.

3. Discovery Education:

  • Description: Discovery Education is a versatile resource offering a myriad of tools and lessons for educators and students.
  • Features:
    • Read aloud stories with accompanying lessons.
    • Engaging videos for comprehension and discussion.
    • Varied lessons covering SEL, art, science, and more.
  • Benefits: Supports a holistic approach to education, integrating diverse lessons to enhance reading skills and overall understanding.

4. Storyline Online:

  • Description: Initially a platform where actors read children’s books, Storyline Online has evolved into a resource providing stories and accompanying lesson plans.
  • Features:
    • Stories read by actors.
    • Lesson plans with scaffolding and discussion prompts.
    • Aligned with Common Core Standards.
  • Benefits: Facilitates student engagement and discussion, offering a rich repository of well-loved children’s stories.

5. Readworks:

  • Description: Readworks is a free website offering a variety of reading passages spanning K-12 grade levels.
  • Features:
    • Listening passages with highlighted vocabulary.
    • Questions for comprehension, including various question types.
    • Paired texts for making connections and writing assignments.
  • Benefits: Supports differentiated instruction, encourages class discussions, and prepares students for standardized tests.

Embracing these EdTech resources empowers educators to create dynamic and interactive literacy experiences, igniting a lifelong love for reading in elementary students. As technology continues to shape the future of education, these tools serve as valuable companions in the journey toward fostering literacy skills and a genuine passion for learning.

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