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Computers have several applications and use, spanning almost all sectors of the digital space. Using computers is easy for starters but some applications require a little bit of skill. Such skills include typing, printing, scanning, video gaming, and software development, among many others. Today we are going to expound on how 10 Fast Fingers, as a digital tool, can help improve one’s typing and gaming skills.

First and foremost,10 Fast Fingers generally allows learners to assess and advance their prowess in typing via several interactive typing games. In today’s world, typing and computer literacy skills have seen their worth and demand grow over time. Some job descriptions specifically require the applicant to be computer literate, and that includes superb typing skills. In typing, speed matters the most.

A solid green flag about 10 Fast Fingers is that it provides enrichment to a student’s vocabulary and command of grammar, at the same time enhancing their typing expertise.

The ability to type fast comes with several other gains, like improved levels of focus. The more you look down on the keyboard in search of keys and commands, you get easily disrupted and lose focus. Slow typers generally find it cumbersome to learn as their typing pace becomes a stumbling block in their learning process. Therefore instead of focusing on learning educational content, their attention is switched to learning how to type which eventually derails their learning process.

Therefore to boost speed, students have to constantly practice. This way they can perfect their skills with time. Persistent practice enables the brain to create neurological patterns that will help in mastering the repeated exercise. A great means to perfect typing skills is through games and 1 Fast Finger is here to help with that.

The following are the major typing games it provides :

1. Typing Tests

The platform offers short and quick tests to assess your speed in typing. This test only takes a minute and the scores are available to allow you to compare with others. The tests are presented in more than 40 major languages, including Korean, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, and Hebrew, among several others. The tests are available in two categories: one uses the most common 200 words in every dialect while the more complex alternative uses the uppermost 1000 words of each language.

To begin, go and open a free account on 10 Fast Fingers, this step is important as it will be possible for you to view your milestones, know more about your competitors, and much more.

Then once inside, select a Typing Test on the far left side and immediately start typing. There will be a count down timer that will gauge how many words you can type per unit time, in this case, a minute. As you type, errors are indicated. Once you finish, you will receive a summary of your results that shows the number of keystrokes made, any errors done, level of accuracy, etc. Thereafter you can share your results with anyone.

2. Multiplayer typing

This test allows you to play against other participants online and instantaneously. You can enter this mode by clicking the Multiplayer typing option, supplying a username then pressing ‘Enter’. Thereafter a window will be shown indicating the current number of players playing at the moment. You will see your progress against theirs the moment you start typing. There’s also an option to change the game and play against different groups of players.

3. Custom typing test

10 Fast Fingers provides users with a unique feature whereby players can create their typing tests. The procedure for doing so is as follows: first click ‘Open settings’ within the Custom Typing test option on the sidebar. Then change the wordlist and finally activate the settings. This way you will be having your own game. You can share the typing game using embedded codes. Tutors can develop custom games using vocabulary that they commonly use in class. If they share this game with their students, they will have helped their students improve their typing skills as well as provided enrichment to their already existing vocabulary. 

4. Typing Competition

After dedicated practice sessions and gaining meaningful improvement, a student can take part in a typing competition to evaluate their progress against other advanced competitors.

Each competition has a 24-hour opening window which allows the student a chance to reach first place. Unlike in the regular Typing Tests where words change randomly upon every reload, in competitions words remain unchanged. There’s an option of creating private competitions with your friends or colleagues.

5. Text Practice mode

This mode allows you to train further by practicing to type on full pages or paragraphs. You have the freedom of choosing your texts or applying a selection of texts from the platform’s library. To come up with your text, first, you have to sign in to the site. Then select and click the ” Text Practice” icon followed by the “Create text” icon. Finally, complete the boxes. You can also utilize the search feature available to seek generated texts. Categorical searching of texts is also available.

6. Top 1000 typing mode

This mode raises the levels of practice by focusing on your vocabulary. You are made to exercise typing the 1000 most popular English words. It has levels and every level contains 50 words, while advanced levels have 100 words. Once you hit a threshold typing speed of 50 words per minute, the following level opens automatically. You get stars depending on your speed. 

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