The Best Places To Find Free Demonstrations And Icons For Clip Art

A teacher’s major role is not only to impart knowledge to students but also to ensure that they understand whatever they’re taught. So as a teacher you might go an extra mile in seeking means and methods of enhancing apprehension of the content, which might include utilizing the clip art sources to visualize textual content. This helps a great deal in adding fun to the otherwise boring lectures since the vector and clip art icons are very useful when integrated during presentations and projects. Furthermore, the art-makers available have proven to be quite useful when creating your illustrations and clip art.

There are several categories of licenses provided by the resources I’m about to share. I already analyzed these licenses. However, the problem with digital content is its instability since something licensed for public access might very soon be copyrighted.

Therefore, it is paramount to constantly counter-check the licenses under digital content before using them to avoid the risks and repercussions of copyright infringements.

Each of the clip art icon resources shared below offers a specific license type. I have pointed out covered these licenses in my review but digital content is not stable and what is licensed today under a creative commons or provided for the public domain might be copyrighted tomorrow. Therefore, you need to always double-check licenses before you use any of the materials you find online.

1- Flaticon

This is one of the most widely used sources of digital clip art. PNG, EPS, PSD, SVD and BASE64 are some of the formats of icons and stickers it provides on a large scale. The icons come free of charge but only in PNG format while the other formats require a paid subscription. With the latter, you don’t need to attribute anyone to them and you can go ahead and commercialize the resources without crediting the creator. The accessories available on Flaticon help you to curate your designs properly which means that you can layout your icons into various categories for easier access and management. Customization of the icons has been made possible, thanks to the editing tool on Flaticon. It also enables one to switch the shades and magnitude of the icons before you start downloading them.


The collection of items provided by icons out is constantly increasing in size and the majority of the resources are only accessible through subscription. Despite that fact, you can still get the other wide variety of icons, Lottie, designs, and illustrations free of charge. Some of the wonderful features and tools provided by Iconscout like limitless downloads, intricate Lottie and color editing instruments, file conversion tools, zero attribution, and unlimited access to several applications and plugins. Iconscout is also consolidated with special online tools like Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Google Docs, etc.

3- UXWing

This makes it to the list of amazing websites that makes management and handling multimedia projects easier. Applying the icons available in the platform doesn’t require you to attribute the creator to it, regardless of how you use them. However, they are only provided in 3 formats: SVG, web font and PNG. In the case of large projects and works, it is advisable to use the SVG icons since PNG ones would certainly add a significant increment to the size of your project. SVG is better because it is a lightweight vector file format that doesn’t add significant size to your work, and it also works perfectly in high-resolution displays. To easily get icons on UXWing, use the incorporated search box to perform a normal search or skim through more than 150 types of icons. For your information, there exists a category for educational content where you can get perfectly designed icons for projects.

4- Icons8

This platform is very beneficial to many teachers since it gives them access to well-designed music, illustrations icons and a good number of design tools free of charge. The free version not only requires you to give attributions every time you access and use an author’s product but also grants limited access. However, the paid subscriptions provide unprecedented access to the platform and no attribution is required. The platform has different manners of SVG and PNG icons, including but not limited to fluent, emoji, animated and iOS icons. Similarly, illustrations are curated into different classes like education, animated, business, and 404 illustrations among others. Icons8 also provides a feature known as Mega Creator that can be used to make own designs. All you need to do is select a template, change it to your desired liking then once you are through, export it to varied file formats.

5- The Noun Project

This platform has a collection of way over 3 million icons in SVG and PNG formats. The icons come free of charge while the photos are licensed in such a way that prevents commercial usage and the user is obligated to provide attributions when used for personal reasons. However, you will not be required to attribute them to the creators when accessing and using them under a premium subscription. Noun Project also features several plugins and is integrated with Google Docs and Google Add-ons among many others.

6- Iconfinder 

This is a well-established search option for illustrations and icons within which you can explore an overwhelmingly large number of icons. A good number of the free icons you will stumble upon require attributions to the creator while other icons are strictly for individual use.

It also has an editor for all your customization needs.

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