5 Wonderful YouTube Channels offering Quality Educational Content to Youngsters

It is common knowledge that one of the best and most successful ways that ensure effective retention of knowledge is via audiovisual learning technique. This blended with key aspects of Augmented Reality, offers a very fruitful and captivating learning environment, especially for young children. Kids have a tendency of learning better with audio and visual components in place. Charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, drawings, etc are a few examples of visual particulars described above. Today, we are going to fully dwell on video content, especially the ones posted on YouTube.

YouTube at large is a video sharing platform that brags about hosting a limitless number of quality videos. The videos are of a wide variety, spanning almost every field and aspect of life. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with measures to abhor the exposure of your kids to such content. However, with keen supervision and guidance, kids can be able to access and gain from many educational videos on the platform. Fortunately, to save parents and guardians from the hassle of having to give directions on suitable content, YouTube came up with a kid’s version of the platform. This has made things way much easier.

Following that move, many content creators started producing content suitable for kids. After doing a small survey on the platform, I settled on 5 very popular channels offering access to wonderful videos to share with children. However, the list is not limited to 5. I just singled out the best. 

1- Learn Bright YouTube Channel

Learn Bright has a rich collection of videos meant to make early childhood learning easier, more informative and more interesting. It has made the work of parents and teachers easier by providing them with useful content to pass on to the kids. It also provides brilliant ideas to help tutors plan their lessons better during classroom projects.

2- Peekaboo Kidz YouTube Channel

Here is another channel with educative and fun-laden videos across all subjects of study. It offers quite fascinating videos that compel the kids to learn more and expand their knowledge. All these videos are offered free of charge, with no subscription involved. Peekaboo Kidz offers numerous video content covering topics like animal rhymes, geography, English nursery rhymes, and the solar system among others. Feel free to visit YouTube and check the channel.

3- PBS KIDS YouTube Channel

PBS KIDS YouTube channel has so far proven its commitment to making learning materials and content easily accessible to any kid anywhere. They are dedicated to impacting the lives of many children by offering educational media that follows the curriculum and collecting information from other platforms and making it simpler and consumable to kids. It has helped in making the children curious about their surroundings, enabling the kids to develop critical thinking skills and empowering them with means of acquiring useful and relevant knowledge in an organized manner. It deliberately heightens the quality of information given to the kids while at the same time providing a fascinating learning experience for them. By doing so, the children have an added advantage of receiving free and quality education without involving the school.

Furthermore, the kids receive very clean and appropriate content throughout the tutorials.

4- National Geographic Kids YouTube Channel

National Geographic has a lot of video content on YouTube and other platforms. Some of the videos are usually gory, violent, frightening and generally horrific to watch. Therefore, they came up with a different channel where they post videos appropriate for children called National Geographic Kids YouTube Channel.

This kids’ version, apart from providing entertainment and exciting adventures to the kids, hosts a myriad of educational content. Some of the videos are wild but on moderate levels. Some exciting videos from the channel include Safari live, animal showdown, kids vs plastic, and how things work, among many others. You can also access further content on their website National geographic kid.

5- YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is another highly entertaining and equally educative source of information for kids. The learning environment and experience are enriched with fun activities that capture the attention of the child throughout the process. It makes it easy for parents and teachers to give their input in a seamless and undisturbed manner. YouTube Kids has a library of secure content that doesn’t require parental guidance or filtering before consumption. Those family-friendly videos span a wide field of content that sparks creativity and innovative thinking within the learner. It also has shows perfectly tailored for kids and interesting topics like how to make lime.

YouTube Kidz has a Parent’s Control feature by default. This property helps the guardians track the kid’s interaction with the videos. It also enables the parent to limit screen time, keep up with whatever the kid is watching, block any unhealthy videos and flag irrelevant content.

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