General applications of Augmented Reality: Digital means and ideas to use for educational purposes

Even though this technological field is new and still in its early development stages, it is important to get to know how to use it to improve the quality of learning in class. It has several applications in almost all innovation sectors, ranging from medical fields to home management and gaming environments. For instance, Augmented Reality has helped develop efficient surgical procedures and performance. Likewise, the educational sector has also benefited a great deal from the state-of-the-art technological advancement of Augmented Reality since its inception. Currently, many sources exist online detailing clearly how to make good use of this new and interesting tool as a student. Some explain the significance of applying Augmented Reality in learning processes, how tutors can use it on their devices, why the iPad offers better learning experiences via AR and lastly ways in which tutors can organize their lessons better and teach more efficiently using AR.

Various AR apps can help a teacher formulate great lesson ideas for their different subjects. Some of the apps are listed below:

1. Froggipedia app

A student can master how to handle this app and use it to learn more about living frogs in Augmented Reality. It is most helpful in the field of Science.

2.GeoGebra AR app

This digital tool is important to those students taking Math as a subject. It is used to introduce the 3rd dimension in graphs, i.e, the z-axis and also to help students learn about equations and 3-dimensional shapes.

3. AR Mkr app

After a detailed introduction to the app, students will be able to display their skills and creativity as they interact with each other. This boosts their literary expertise.

The guide known as Augmented Reality in Education has been extremely useful for students and teachers exploring the field of Augmented Reality. It provides clues to help the teacher and students exploit and exhaust all features of AR within their devices. Despite being published a few years ago, the information it provides is timeless and invaluable to all new users of AR. For example, it spells out guidelines on screen recording, lighting, and movement among others. The ideas detailed are not specific to any device.

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