6 Excellent Apps for Improving Students’ Social and Emotional Learning

Modern technology offers a variety of tools as well as resources and facilities, to help learners learn and enhance social and emotional literacy. Geared learning, towards socio and emotional literacy, has led to the emergence of Social-emotional Learning (SEL). What precisely, is Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL)? To understand socio and emotional literacy, it’s of vital importance to define Socio-emotional learning. According to EQ, social-emotional learning (SEL) has been defined as the process through which children and adults develop and apply information, abilities, and attitudes required to understand and control emotions, develop and attain positive goals, feel and express empathy for others, establish and sustain meaningful relationships, and make responsible decisions. To further understand Socio-emotional Learning, I sampled iPad apps that help boost socio-emotional learning. This was compiled based on these recommendations from Common Sense, Edutopia, and Tech and Learning.  In addition, it is recommended to check out this resource, to learn about the use of emojis to enhance SEL competencies in students.

1- EQ Mighty

EQ Mighty is designed to teach pupils emotional intelligence, through the use of interactive video classes. Each of these interactive video lessons is designed to include worksheets as well as other learning materials required for classroom use. The most beneficial part of EQ Mighty is that is programmed with a valuable tool called video modeling. What’s the essence of video modeling? The essence of video modeling is to replicate appropriate social behavior. In EQ, the video modeling feature works by allowing learners to apply and put into practice, whatever they have learned, whilst recording themselves and viewing it back. Its essence has been approved by research, which has proven that videotaping and playing back the tapes, has been beneficial in replicating appropriate social behavior.

2- Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

This software is designed to teach students and learners a variety of Socio-Emotional Learning skills, such as problem-solving, resilience, persistence, self-control, strategic thinking, and planning among other skills. However, how does this software manage to teach and instill this core value to its learners or students?. The software offers a variety of interactive obstacles and activities. It mostly involves the learner by helping the software, Sesame the steer monster to calm down, and face as well as conquer daily challenges and issues. Learners get to experience how deep breathing can calm them down, as well as help them, build on their emotional vocabulary.

3- SuperBetter

SuperBetter is also a software to design its users or learners to capitalize on resilience, and goals, as well as help them to overcome daily obstacles and personal challenges, such as anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, and a lot more. It greatly influences the socio-emotional learning of its students or users.

4- Quandary

Socio-emotional learning entails the need for a variety of life skills, some of these life skills, are core, and are what aid and motivate us to learn socio-emotional learning. Such great skills such as critical thinking empathy etc. Well, Quandary is a game that is designed to teach these skills such as perspective-taking, critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, empathy, global awareness, moral reasoning, teamwork, and a whole lot more skills to its students.

5- Touch and Learn

Touch and Learn uses a wide array of facial graphics expressing various types of emotions. It’s used to help kids to learn, comprehend and recognize emotions, by touching the displayed facial graphics. It is highly recommendable for teachers, to help them introduce the young ones to different types of emotions. It’s used to present new concepts about emotions and behavior that are important to socio-emotional learning.

6- Calm

This app is designed to help learners learn as well as practice, mindfulness as well as guided meditations. The goals are achieved through, stretching exercises, relaxing music as well as breathing programs. This remains one of the best apps, to help learners learn and practice socio-emotional learning.

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