6 Incredible Tools to Assist Teachers With Meeting Scheduling

Meetings are an essential part of both corporate life and our personal lives. However, organizing these meetings can be hectic at times, depending on your technical know-how of the online tools available to schedule these meetings. This article seeks, to elaborate on a few of these tools that can help you organize meetings with numerous individuals. These tools act as a substitute for mass emails, that you’d have to send to all your invitees, inquiring about their availability for the meeting. These tools make the planning of a meeting so easy and straight forward helping you to arrange meetings and giving you control over your time scheduling the way you want. These tools are easy to operate, save your time and energy as well as increase efficiency and productivity. Their applicability is not limited to audio meetings but is also practical in planning your video conferencing and 100webinar sessions.  Regardless, of your roles, may it be a host of a webinar. or an online event, or an online class, this article is for anyone and everyone. These mighty tools include;  6 Great Tools to Help Teachers Easily Plan and Schedule Meetings


Tools to plan and schedule meetings

1– Google Calendar

Google Calendar is simply a fantastic event planning and time management tool. Calendar allows its users to efficiently and easily, schedule meetings with numerous people. How then do I schedule a meeting using Google calendar?. Using this tool is as simple as ABC, and its usage can be summarized in the following steps. Firstly,  You have to create an event in Google Calendar. Creating the event also involves, adding the time and the date, adding the guests, adding event details such as the topic, agenda, etc, and finally adding any attachments. To check on the availability of your guests, select ‘Find a time’, this feature will help you to view time frames that are free for your participants. Sending an invitation will be the last step after all the preceding steps are done. For further details and video films, It is recommended for you, to Check out this step-by-step tutorial, to learn how to schedule an event with numerous people via  Google Calendar. 

2- Doodle

Doodle remains one of the best, event scheduling tools specially designed to cater for meetings that may involve different time zones. The applicability and usage of this tool are simple, as I have summarized it in the following steps. The First step is to create a meeting poll, at this stage, you will also choose a set of dates and times for your meeting. It shall be followed, by the distribution of the polls, by sending the poll to your participants. Herein, the participants shall vote for the time that best suits them. The most interesting feed about Doodle is that it works on numerous different platforms such as Outlook Calendar, as well as Google Calendar.

3-  Calendly

Calendy is one of the simplest event organizer tools to use. Calendly enables its users to organize meetings with their participants by simply sharing a  generated link from the platform. The event organizer has to set up a meeting request and allow his participants to select a time window from the provided options by the platform. Most interestingly, Calendy is linkable to a variety of calendar software. This means that, when participants pick a specific time slot to attend the meeting, the reservations automatically appear in their own calendars.



4- Pick

Pick is another meeting planner that works with a variety of calendars. It functions in the same way as Calendly does, by providing meeting URLs. To begin, you must first set up your availability and preferences, then share your meeting link with your attendees and allow them to select the most convenient hours for all of you. When a meeting is scheduled, “both parties receive a calendar invite with meeting information.”

5- Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

 Meeting Scheduler for Gmail is linked to the Google Calendar. This technically, implies that you can effortlessly plan meetings right from your  Gmail inbox. However, How does it work?. To begin, Install the Chrome extension first. Then, at the bottom of your email, select the ‘Calendar icon’ after which you will be prompted to enter a link to your calendar availability before sending out an invitation to your participants and attendees. When your invitation is sent via email, the attendees will be able to select from a variety of available time slots, after which your scheduled meeting will automatically be posted to your Google calendars.

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