6 Questions Successful People Should Ask Themselves

American writer and screenwriter Stephen Pressfield, author of the novel “Gates of Fire” and non-fiction book “The War for Creativity. How to Overcome Inner Barriers and Start Creating,” believes that the path to success lies not in ways of thinking, but in habits and actions. For example, to excel, it is important to enjoy the process rather than trying to achieve a specific result.

Pressfield writes in his book, Turning Pro, that experienced people know that inspiration comes when you start doing something. Beginners wait for it to show up. To see if you’re guaranteed success – no matter how you define it for yourself – answer the following six questions.

Should I start despite my fears?

Successful people know that taking action, rather than thinking about it, is the best way to overcome fear. And a little, incremental success is the best way to gain confidence. People who achieve professional heights overcome anxiety and fear in the process, not the expectation.

Does the process matter to me as much as the outcome?

As HubSpot co-founder Jarmesh Shah says, “Stop thinking about making a million dollars and start thinking about working for a million people.” Wanting results won’t make you rich, but wanting to work can. This attitude helped Jarmesh build a competent SaaS marketing strategy.

And it applies to any occupation. If you want to run a marathon, you have to want to run every day. You want to get 100 customers? You need to talk to 10 potential customers every day.

How do I feel about routine?

Pressfield notes that a professional has professional habits and an amateur has amateur ones. But they have something in common – routine, the repetition of actions that lead to skill and success in the long run.

Do I enjoy the process?

As Steve Jobs said, what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is the persistence with which they pursue their goals even in the toughest moments. In addition, successful people enjoy not only the outcome, but also the steps to achieve it.

“I knew that with each repetition and set of exercises I got one step closer to making my vision a reality. So I couldn’t wait to get to the gym,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor, politician and bodybuilder.

Do I control my own luck?

Despite having talent, experience, determination, persistence, you still need a little bit of luck. And it is generated by action – what you decide to do, the people you meet, the moments when you find yourself in the right place at the right time. It’s not always up to you, but successful people don’t rely on luck because they create their own.

Can I survive failure?

Being able to accept your failures is an important skill. Failure doesn’t mean you’re an outsider, and success is just one manifestation of who you are and what you’re capable of. But successful people are resilient in the face of failure and humble in the face of achievement.

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If you don’t think you’re young enough to succeed anymore, it’s time to reconsider your position. American scientists have found that 50-year-old entrepreneurs have a better chance of taking their company to the top than younger ones.

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