9 Major Educational Technology Sites For Online Courses

   eLearning platforms have gained traction and relevance over the years in a very unique manner. Fueled by the effects of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, growth and innovation of the sector proved inevitable. The size of the industry is expected to amount to $243 billion. Imperatively, the growth rate per annum is expected to be over 5% CAGR(Compounded Annual Growth rate) from 2017 to 2022. Therefore, choosing the best eLearning platform is crucial because numbers don’t lie.

   The following are 10 most preferred eLearning platforms you can choose from.

1. Udemy

     With a goal of educational freedom, Udemy provides more than 20000 subject matter specialists for anyone willing to learn. It has proven to have achieved its objective a great deal by developing and incorporating numerous content creation tools including PowerPoint, PDF documents among others. The content exists both in text and video. Udemy attracts tutors by offering them free access, although they have to part with half the revenue from sale of their courses.

2. Teachable

      It’s common knowledge that Udemy is a wonderful online learning platform, albeit it is autonomous for tutors. For example, instructors cannot control the pricing and branding of courses, let alone have proper knowledge of the students. This is where Teachable comes in. Currently, Teachable brags about attracting more than 7500 instructors, 20000 courses and 3 million students. Even though unlike Udemy, instructors pay a monthly fee for access, it’s growing quite rapidly. Teachable appeals to prospective visitors by giving every new instructor a free eBook detailing valuable information on course creation, slide presentation, etc.

3. WizIQ

     WizIQ, a top-rated and highly esteemed online educational technology provider, offers instructors useful tools and capabilities to ensure the delivery of quality content. This eLearning platform is furnished with an adequate supply of slides, and audio, and video sharing tools among many others. It is mostly used by content creators within academic fields.

    It provides seamless means of fabricating and publishing courses online. In addition to all that, WizIQ equips the instructor with a variety of invaluable plug-ins for well-liked learning management software programs like Sakai.

4. Ruzuku

     Here is another prestigious and highly equipped eLearning platform. Ruzuku has made the initiative of easing the work of instructors using the product. This is done by making the platform exceptionally user-friendly, hence ensuring a seamless process of creation and publication of courses. To add icing to the cake, the system is thoroughly packed with essential attributes like MailChimp integrations, everyday backups and PayPal payments.

5. Educadium

     Each and every digital learning platform works on adding a property that distinguishes it from the rest. Educadium, for that matter, developed an EasyCampus platform that is paramount in aiding organizations and individuals in creating, managing and acquiring gainful proceeds from online training. It is packed with a myriad of superb features, all for the benefit of instructors and learners. Albeit you have to keep in mind that it offers subscription packages.

6. LearnWorlds

      Apparently, most online training providers are monotonous with tutorials and are used purely for training purposes. They offer no direct interaction between trainers and trainees. But LearnWorlds resolved to stand out. It offers unprecedented social interaction and unique premium features that have defended its position since its inception. It offers quality programs like simulators and advanced analytics. However, that standard of service provision comes at a cost, of $24 monthly.

7. Academy of mine

      This platform allows any prospective instructors to create their online training academy. It’s a less time-consuming alternative, thus preferred by numerous time-bound project owners. The platform is well-equipped with dynamic administrative tools. Eventually the features come in handy once mastered.

8. Skillshare

       Skillshare is a lucrative avenue for instructors aiming to tangible profits from their courses. Successful instructors rake in as high as $40000 a year. Courses comprise of 10-25 minute videos, and each lesson contains a video and class project.

      Skillshare defers Udemy in terms of its subscription models. While Udemy sells subscriptions per course, Skillshare sells subscriptions for the entire content package.

9. CourseCraft

      CourseCraft is a very powerful and essential platform for bloggers. Unlike most sites, the flexibility of its editor enables the user to create various types of courses. For simpler payment processes, Stripe and PayPal payment channels are integrated. Setting up lessons, forums and creating quizzes takes a short time. In addition to possible collaboration between students and instructors, it has wonderful customization tools. Instructors are also free to run discounts and offers.

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