Bridging the Gap: Affordable Internet Key to Education Revolution in Africa, Say Experts

Access to online learning in Africa, especially for rural populations, hinges on more affordable internet services, according to education experts.

The insights emerged at the 5th edition of the African Edu-Tech Conference, a collaborative effort between the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce and Edu-First Nigeria Limited. The experts highlighted the pivotal role that technology and the internet can play in spreading education across the continent.

Driving Growth through Affordable Connectivity

David Brown, Managing Partner at D. Brown Consulting, emphasized that affordable internet connectivity is a crucial factor in propelling education forward and enhancing learning outcomes. He identified the cost of the internet as the primary obstacle hindering access to quality education in Nigeria and other African countries.

Brown expressed confidence in the innovative spirit of Nigerians, stating that with cheaper and more accessible internet, individuals could take charge of their learning. He underscored the need for government policies aimed at reducing internet costs to enable broader access to quality education.

Unveiling the Potential of EdTech in Africa

Ray Atelly, President/Chairman of the Council of Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, explained that the conference aimed to explore the current state of EdTech in Africa. It underscored the untapped potential for transforming education through technology, emphasizing the crucial role of governments and policymakers in fostering an environment conducive to EdTech collaborations.

Atelly lauded the dedicated efforts of the combined team in organizing the conference for the past five years, reaching over 10,000 attendees. The event has become a significant platform for fostering innovation and collaboration in the education technology sector in Africa.

Mission: Collaboration and Partnership for EdTech Growth

Moses Imayi, Project Director/CEO of, highlighted the conference’s growth as a pivotal platform for fostering innovation and collaboration in the education technology sector in Africa. The theme, ‘Leveraging Collaboration and Partnership for EdTech Growth in Africa,’ aligns with the mission of the organization, emphasizing the inspiring collaborative efforts among stakeholders to transform education through technology.

Seyi Adeyemi, Chairman of the Schools and Education Committee at NBCC, underscored the conference’s aim to provide a platform for government agencies, education professionals, and innovators to discuss revitalizing the education system through technology and innovation.

According to Adeyemi, the 5th edition of the Annual African Edu-Tech Conference represents a significant step toward transforming education in Africa. It showcased the potential for growth and development in the educational sector through collaboration and partnerships.

Empowering Students and Fostering Innovation

One of the conference highlights included a discussion panel on “The Pros and Cons of Online Learning in Africa,” featuring students and moderated by a fellow student. Additionally, students presented innovative prototypes, with a project from Methodist Girls School emerging as the winner.

As Africa charts its course in the digital age, the emphasis on affordable internet access becomes a linchpin for empowering individuals through education, creating a pathway for future growth and development.

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