How Does EdTech Affect Homeschooling Success?

This article discusses the positives and downsides of homeschooling and how technology can help with the learning process at home.

EdTech in homeschooling

We have experienced various technological advances in the last year. Adaptive learning and eLearning are innovations that can help students succeed academically. They are unique, quick, and efficient to use. Along with these, there is also another emerging trend, which is homeschooling.

The Grape family in upstate New York is one family that benefits from homeschooling. Kailey Grape, who began homeschooling her children in the spring of 2020, has found it very convenient. She appreciates the convenience of being at home and spending time with her family and the freedom that homeschooling allows. She claims that children are at ease learning at home. The Grapes, like many others, believe that homeschooling is a good option. Let us look at the reasons behind this.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

1. Parents have more say in their children’s education

With homeschooling, the parent determines what to teach and the curriculum. They are the ones to choose subjects they believe will benefit their child’s education the most.

2. Family Cohesion

Except for weekends and evenings, the family that practices homeschooling can spend quality time together during the day. Kailey is in charge of his children’s physical and mental development.

3. Adaptability

Children can finish their schoolwork whenever their parent chooses. The parent can schedule activities based on their child’s academic development. Kailey Grape has a timetable to teach at home, and the kids can participate in sporting events several times per week.

4. Personalized Education

Children also get the care that they would not receive in a classroom. The parent chooses subjects depending on the needs of their children

5. The Emphasis Is on Learning

With homeschooling, parents can avoid school concerns such as bullying and other social issues that most children encounter in schools

Incorporating EdTech in homeschooling

Homeschooling has the disadvantage of relying solely on pen and paper. This is a problem that technological education (EdTech) companies recognize and are looking for creative solutions to this issue to help students learn at home. Here are some of the companies that are involved:

Out School

Out school provides real-time online classes. Classes are simple to attend from the convenience of your own home. The hundreds of lessons available can fulfill the diverse needs of students and can be used by youngsters as young as three years old.


Primer makes use of live chat rooms. Children can have a school experience even when studying at home. They can even interact with other children their age. Children are taught together, make friendships, and form groups, in the same way, they would in a classroom.

The Age of Learning

Age of Learning offers a variety of award-winning learning programs that include EdTech and are ideal for children in their early years. ABCmouse My Math Academy and My Reading Academy are two programs that have helped many early learners achieve success.


Homer provides an opportunity for early childhood learners to develop skills while learning about various topics. Students improve their emotional and social skills and creativity through different maths and reading exercises.

How EdTech helps overcome the challenges of homeschooling

The companies mentioned above can help lessen the difficulties of homeschooling children. One disadvantage of homeschooling is the lack of socialization children have with their classmates. Primer offers a unique educational experience called Pursuit that engages children in social interactions. Each “Pursuit” lasts six weeks. The youngsters will work on a variety of obstacles during Pursuit. Outschool’s live-streamed instruction is designed for small groups of students, allowing for personalized learning and the opportunity for students to meet new people while studying.

Another disadvantage of homeschooling is parents’ experience when their child struggles to learn. The ABCmouse program offered by the age of Learning helps decrease anxiety. According to research, this technique helps young children accelerate their learning process and aids them in building abilities in math and early reading. 

ABCmouse also features a parent assessment center. It’s an excellent resource for parents to assess their child’s knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve. Homer provides a user-friendly program that parents appreciate. Parents appreciate that it is entertaining for their children and that the activities are tailored to their child’s learning needs.


As we have seen, parents who choose to teach their children at home also have the opportunity to use technology. These companies’ applications can provide an engaging and novel experience for homeschoolers. Education technologies help to increase the quality of homeschooling for children. They can lead to pupils’ academic success, which is the primary goal of a homeschooling

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