Vital Applications For Blended Learning

Blended learning involves an approach that uses both the traditional methods of teaching and the adopted digital learning skills that could be potentially used. It involves the blending of face-to-face learning as well as online learning in instruction. 

Many schools and districts are attracted to this blend of old and new because they want to dip their toes in the water of eLearning and wide-ranging technological access while still relying on the knowledge and training of human instructors. We discuss the various benefits of blended learning for instructors and students in our piece The Benefits Of Blended Learning. Student happiness, high engagement, improved academic achievement, simple material facilitation, stronger self-efficacy, and increased motivation were all highlighted in a recent research review that looked into the effectiveness of active blended learning. In fact, no unfavorable viewpoints were expressed. That being said, instructional designers must be deliberate in how they combine online and in-person education.

It’s because of this combined effect the resulting flexibility–that it’s difficult to set up. There’s the issue of synchronizing operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, and so on), accessible bandwidth, technological access, learning management systems, applications, hardware, and more–all of which instructors need to think about when planning lessons and presenting new technologies to students.

The following are some of the applications that are quite instrumental in blended learning

Teachers may use Badge Wallet to promote excellent classroom actions. QR codes allow students to earn, save, organize and share their successes.

Basecamp is ideal for project-based learning in a hybrid setting. Students may keep track of their priorities by creating to-do lists, checking and contributing to message boards, scheduling brief chat sessions, keeping track of deadlines and milestones, and organizing all notes and files.

Blackboard. Users may attend web conferencing sessions from their iPhone or iPad using Blackboard.

BrainPOP ELL is an ELL software that models conversational English through engaging, animated videos. The tiered videos encourage language acquisition by building on previously taught abilities.

Buncee engages students in self-directed learning, which “puts them in the driver’s seat.” To demonstrate what they know and exhibit their creativity, students might create multimedia projects, digital tales, and presentations.

Doceri is a one-app solution that combines screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard, so you’ll never have to turn your back on the class or audience. Make a lesson or presentation, add photos, save and amend your work, and record a screencast video to store or share. Doceri takes care of everything!

DuoLingo is now ranked #2 in the ‘Education’ category on the iPad. Students may quickly learn over 35 new languages through gamified classes that encourage them to improve their listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities.

Edmodo gives instructors the tools they need to publish interesting lessons, engage with parents, and create a positive school environment.

Users may annotate, animate, and narrate any type of information with Educreations. Teachers may create brief educational films and share them with their students.

Everything must be explained. Whiteboard touts itself as the “Swiss army knife” of whiteboarding software. Users may import material from other platforms, record audio and video conversations, draw on a digital whiteboard and add mixed media, and distribute work as images, PDFs, or MP4s.

Teachers may use Flipgrid to construct video-based forums where students can reply to prompts, questions, and challenges. They may also view and reply to videos made by their peers.

With the presentation app made for today, FlowVella offers you greater outcomes. Engage your audience with a single presentation. Turn your narrative into an interactive dialogue by combining text, photographs, video, links, galleries, and PDFs.

Kahoot is a popular tool that boosts student engagement by allowing students to participate in interactive, competitive formative exams using their own mobile devices. On a whiteboard, the instructor asks a question with answer alternatives, and the students choose their responses using their devices.

Loom links students with screen-recording capabilities–learners may use Loom’s asynchronous, time-stamped video to share their views, offer feedback, brainstorm, and more.

Nearpod has approximately 7,000 adaptive K-12 courses in a variety of subject areas. Teachers may take students on virtual reality field excursions, use game-based formative assessments to measure learning, draw on interactive whiteboards, encourage cooperation, and conduct class polls.

With simulations that study atom creation, multiplication, energy, and other topics, PhET Simulations engage students in math and scientific studies.

Poll Everywhere instantly gathers audience feedback integrated into compelling presentations–results even update in real-time for all attendees to view!

Explaining themes, connecting notes to photographs, making outlines or diagrams, using interactive whiteboards, sharing information, and assessing student work with feedback are all possible with ShowMe.

Splashtop Personal allows you to use your iPad to access all of your computer’s programs.

YouTube allows viewers to watch videos from all around the world in almost any subject area! Subscribe to your favorite streamers and upload videos and material to your own channel.

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