Data Science collects data from many different sources and channels, such as databases analyzing and transforming them into visualization and graphs, which facilitate the readability and understanding of your data to ensure better decision-making inside a company and add value to their businesses.

Data Scientists should have experience in many industries such as computer science, some programming languages, and statistics maths and skills like analyzing and visualizing data to add value to any business not just by transforming it into graphs but by extracting insight from the data.

Here is a list of best websites to learn Data Science online for free and can use the resources from home or office.


This website provides both resources and the community to study Data Science, and all Data Scientists of all levels can benefit. The best thing about Kaggle is you can ask questions in the community, clear doubts and get guidance; hence it Is well recommended.

Whether a beginner looking to learn new skills and contribute to projects or an advanced data scientist looking for competitions, Kaggle is one of the best places, to begin with.


This American platform lets you discover your talent with numerous courses in many programming languages. Udemy allows you to learn from industry experts at an affordable price. You will get courses talking about data science in different languages and different levels teaching how to do data science using programming languages. 

The courses are also well comprehensive and up-to-date and have good ratings. You can also read people’s reviews on Udemy to get feedback. Also, watching previews of these courses before joining a course to see whether there is a chance I’m learning from the course or not.

Here are some of the courses recommended by Udemy to learn Data Science which include both free and paid courses:

  • The Data Science Course 2022: Complete Data Science Bootcamp
  • Data Science A-Z: Real-life Data Science Exercises included
  • Introduction to Data Science using Python


This is a platform just like Udemy, but the difference is that these courses are offered by top leading universities and companies like IBM and Google.

One of the best courses is IBM Data Science for a career in such an industry, and it will deep-dive you into programming languages. Coursera also offers a subscription plan giving you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate and guided projects.


This website is an online e-learning platform targeting people who want to learn information Technology (IT) or skills or upgrade knowledge.

One of the most courses out there is data science and how to become a successful data scientist. There is another course where you can learn how to be a data scientist with python skills using real projects and various Python libraries.

Pluralsight provides a ten-day free trial, which one can use to join and complete any courses.

Courses like Data Science: Executive Briefing enable data scientists to learn about the importance of data science.


This non-profit organization specializes in many IT-related courses such as web development, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

There are interesting courses in data science on YouTube called Learn Data Science Tutorial or a course called Python for Data Science. You can find all these on YouTube.

edX [Harvard]

This one is similar to Coursera, where only universities and top companies make courses to share the knowledge with the world.

You can join most of the courses for free.

With the spread of tech and big data, companies need to leverage the power of their data to produce powerful products for the world, leading to better decision-making strategies in the development of Data Science.

Some of the greatest classes on this platform to learn data science is a Data Science professional certificate from Harvard University, where one huge course includes several short courses and when completed, you will get certified.

All these courses are readily available online.

Data Professionals earn $95k, which is great.

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